Submissive Contract?

     I was surfing the net and was searching for, the lack of a better term, a marriage contract. The hubs and I have had a few cracks appear in our foundation over the last few years. We realized that we have been taking each other for granted. I was searching for samples to get an idea so I could put in writing that I was very serious about us and what I was willing to do for him. As I was searching using the term “submissive contract” I came across this site run by Mistress Avarielle.

     As I was reading the “Sample Contract-100% submission” about Dominate/slave contracts it occurred to me that parts of the contract could be used in vanilla marriages/relationships and everything in between. Now, before someone out there gets mad or upset hear me out.

     For example Mistress Avarielle states in the sample, in the section of Duties of Servitude, that “the duty of the servant is to please.” Now, just think if both partners in a “regular” relationship put themselves in a frame of mind that both of them were each others servant. Maybe, then there might be happier, loving relationships.

     Ok, on the the next line about “Personal Duties.” It says “Physical/Emotional needs of owner.” What if everyone was more focused on their partner instead of the Me, Me, Me attitude maybe they would think of their partner before acting out and causing problems. Perhaps this might even lead to more communication, more physical intimacy, even more joy. 

     Next statement: “Sexual Toy/Plaything.” If less people were not so uptight they could enjoy each other sexually. Could a possible result be less cheating?

Then you could put in the other parts listed: 1) Honesty – self explanatory. 2) Loyalty – again self explanatory.

     Basically what I learned from this site and sample contract, if put in the context of a “regular” or “normal” relationship, is that if each partner would have the “slave” mentality that maybe their focus would be on each other. Then that might just lead to more people having happier, loving, trustworthy, and secure relationships/marriages. 

Till next time…stay sexy and sinful.


Thank you to Mistress Avarielle and her site

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